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The House has written into their THUD bill for the fiscal year 2023 $600 million for HOPWA programs! We see this as a step toward ending HIV/AIDS homelessness in the United States and demonstrate a commitment to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. 
However, we need your help to make this happen with the Senate.
This House bill is just the beginning of getting HOPWA funded at $600 million. 
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In the United States, an estimated 100,000 people with HIV/AIDS are experiencing homelessness, with an additional estimated 300,000 people living with HIV/AIDS needing housing assistance. For the past few years, HOPWA has only been able to serve about 55,000 households, but with the Biden administration’s proposal for FY23 at $455 million, that number would drop by 10,000 households at a time when we need housing more than ever.

$600 million for HOPWA ensures that current HOPWA clients will continue to access supportive housing and receive the services needed to live a healthy life. This allocation will also allow grantees to provide additional housing supports to long-standing waitlists as housing is the number one unmet need of persons living with HIV/AIDS. HOPWA programs are designed specifically to allow people living with HIV/AIDS to receive the care and support they need without stigma and achieve viral suppression.

When people are virally suppressed, they cannot transmit HIV/AIDS through sex. To END the HIV/AIDS epidemic, we need to help all living with HIV/AIDS obtain viral suppression and live a robust life.
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