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Representative Mike Quigley Discusses HOPWA funding with HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge
Representative Mike Quigley is an advocate for us on HOPWA and his questioning of Secretary Marcia Fudge in the appropriations hearing in early May was wonderful. Lauren, NAHC Executive Director, worked with his office on these questions. Please share it with your networks! During the testimony even after Rep. Quigley addresses that the proposed budget will result in approximately 10,000 households losing HOPWA assistance, Secretary Fudge says, “President Biden’s proposed $455M for HOPWA, which we believe is a very good amount.” Quigley didn’t relent:
Watch the Full Testimony

We don’t think the proposed $455 million is a “very good amount”, and we need as much help in ensuring Congress knows that HOPWA being funded at $600 million for FY2023 is imperative to ensuring current households being served by HOPWA remain housed and continue to increase the availability of housing support for the 400,000 PLWHA who are in need. 

We need YOU to contact your House Representatives and Senate Members of Congress and urge them to support the funding of HOPWA at $600 million for FY2023. We will be updating our website regularly with talking points, data, and language for you to use. NAHC HOPWA Advocacy FY2023

We Received A Grant!
National AIDS Housing Coalition is dedicated to ensuring people living with HIV/AIDS have access to appropriate, safe, and affordable housing and has just received $15K from Broadway Cares in support of our advocacy work! Check them out and see all the work they do! Broadway Cares Website
NAHC Board will be heading to our DC office in June for our annual Board Meeting, and we are excited to celebrate Pride Month with each other! 

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