Mass Incarceration, Housing Instability and HIV/AIDS: Research Findings and Policy Implications

A report on the effects of incarceration and HIV/AIDS on marginalized communities.

Center for Community Alternatives

The Center for Community Alternatives in New York City serves people who are involved in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. It provides information, referral, education, and support services for HIV positive people, as well as a harm-reduction program for women who are HIV positive. An outpatient substance abuse treatment program is available for women. CCA provides client-specific planning and defender-based advocacy. Also provides referrals and assistance accessing housing entitlements. An employment service for women includes employment readiness training and placement.

Phoenix Rising Re-Entry


The Phoenix Rising HIV/AIDS Re-entry project is designed to foster independence, empowerment, and self-sufficiency, whether you are newly diagnosed or have lived with the HIV disease for years. The project was created in 1997 when HIV/AIDS shifted, for many, from a terminal to a chronic illness and many people living with AIDS (PLWAs) were feeling better and able to prepare to live rather than to die. It offers PLWHAsopportunities to assess their situation and to evaluate strategies, resources, and action plans to help guide them through the planning process.

Project START


Project START is an effective re-entry program focusing on reducing HIV/STD/hepatitis risk reduction. The original research was among 18-29 year old men being released from prison. It has now been adapted for all individuals who are returning to the community after incarceration, regardless of age, gender, HIV status, or detention setting.