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National Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit Policy Papers

Visit for the most up-to-date information from the National Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit including our most recent Policy Paper as well as a searchable bibliography of abstracts.


This searchable bibliography includes over 400 recent peer-reviewed journal articles related to HIV/AIDS and housing.  The database can be searched by key word and/or filtered by Topic, Population and/or Region.  Search results can be ordered by title, first author or year of publication.  Details for each article include: abstract, full citation, and web links to the full text for articles available open source.  For articles that are not open source, a link to the PubMed citation or journal website is provided.


All materials from past Research Summits are also available at

Issue Fact Sheets

One page summaries of recent research findings with supporting citations. HIV/AIDS Housing:

PowerPoint Presentation of Research Findings Power Point for use in meetings, hearings, and other public sessions. Overview of the presentation:

  • What the research tells us about:
  • HIV and homelessness
  • Housing and HIV prevention
  • Housing and health care
  • Policy implications of these findings:
  • Beyond a risky person paradigm
  • Housing interventions work
  • Housing is a sound public investment
  • What’s next:
    • The HUD/CDC Housing and Health (H&H) Study
    • Transforming research into policy initiatives

Annotated Guide to the PowerPoint

Presenter’s guide with citations and notes

Sample Letter

Sample Letter to an Elected or Appointed Official

Talking Points on Frequently Asked Questions

Talking points on FAQ:

  • Why HIV-specific housing resources?

  • Aren’t homeless/unstably housed PLWHA just risky people?

  • Isn’t housing too expensive?

  • Isn’t health care more important than housing for PLWHA?

  • Can’t PLWHA use existing low-income housing resources?

  • Can PLWHA with chronic substance use issues be housed?