IAHR at the International AIDS Conferences

AIDS 2010

IAHR and NAHC convened an official IAC Satellite Meeting on July 18 in Vienna, Austria. The title of the meeting was “Housing & HIV/AIDS: Bridging the Gap,” and the four principal themes were the bidirectional impact of housing and HIV/AIDS; the increased HIV/AIDS and housing vulnerabilities for women and LGBTQ communities; examples of global advocacy around secure, stable housing for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA); and the potential of alliances and networking for HIV/AIDS and housing advocates.

The Ford Foundation generously offered to support NAHC in convening an HIV/AIDS housing delegation at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria in July 2010. The “Housing at AIDS 2010 Scholarship Program awarded competitive scholarships to 8 people working on and/or impacted by housing instability and HIV/AIDS to join the HIV/AIDs housing delegation. The 2010 Scholarship Recipients are:

  • Juan Luis Barrantes, Community Siloé, Costa Rica
  • Dorice Yete-Vete, Shelter Forum, Kenya
  • Nicasio de Rosas, Philippine Support Service Agency, Inc., Philippines
  • Bernard Frederick, Caribbean Harm Reduction Coalition, Saint Lucia
  • Barry Freedman, Living with HIV Project, Australia
  • Eunice Kyomugisha, Shelter and Settlement Alternatives, Uganda
  • Peter Obi, Association of Positive Youth Living with HIV/AIDS, Nigeria
  • Joe Scarborough, Delaware HIV Consortium, USA

NAHC’s “Housing at AIDS 2010” scholarship recipients, along with GROOTS Kenya, the Open Society Institute, Rooftops Canada, Housing Works and Toorjo Ghose of University of Pennsylvania and Virginia Shubert of Shubert Botein Policy Associates, presented evidence and experiences with HIV/AIDS housing from India, Uganda, Kenya, the Philippines, Nigeria, Latin America, and the United States. NAHC also unveiled its first global publication, “More than Just a Roof Over my Head: Housing for People Living with HIV/AIDS around the World“- en/sp versions.

In addition to the Satellite Meeting, IAHR participated in other conference activities including the Global Village Opening Ceremonies and the Human Rights March, and was able to garner over 120 new endorsements for the International Declaration on Poverty, Housing Instability and HIV/AIDS.

To view the Satellite Meeting Agenda, click here

AIDS 2008

IAHR founding members NAHC, Housing Works, Inc., San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Ontario HIV Treatment Network co-sponsored a housing satellite meeting at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, August 3. During the meeting, more than 150 participants learned about the state of global HIV/AIDS housing from participants from Nepal, the US and Latin America and shared information about HIV/AIDS housing issues confronting their communities across the globe.

The International Declaration on Poverty, Housing Instability and HIV/AIDS was presented by the founding members of IAHR and discussed in a facilitated discussion with representatives from South Africa, Mexico, Peru and the US among other places.

The declaration, signed by meeting participants, was presented to and accepted by International AIDS Society official Ron McGinnis. The meeting signaled the beginning of a week of action by HIV/AIDS housing advocates to keep homelessness and poverty and housing’s implications for HIV/AIDS healthcare in the forefront at the International AIDS Conference.