International AIDS Housing Roundtable

The International AIDS Housing Roundtable (IAHR) is a forum for discussion of issues pertaining to housing instability and HIV and the provision of appropriate housing for people living with HIV and AIDS. The Roundtable is intended to promote international dialogue toward the development and implementation of public policies that recognize the critical role of housing both in the prevention of HIV transmission and in the care of people who are living with HIV and AIDS. Topics related to housing stability and HIV include, but are not limited to: slums, property and inheritance rights, mobility and migration.

Housing and HIV/AIDS: Bridging the Gap

An official Satellite of XVII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria

There is an urgent need for dialogue on poverty, housing instability, slums, gender-based property and inheritance rights, the economic impact of stigma and discrimination, and mobility and migration as critical issues in global policy and program responses to the continuing AIDS crisis. The International AIDS Housing Roundtable (IAHR) has organized this satellite  to examine the relationship between HIV/AIDS and housing instability across the globe from a human rights- and evidence-based perspective. International HIV/AIDS and housing activists urge our colleagues to unite to demand that adequate housing be an integral part of any HIV/AIDS public policy development and that housing be treated as an urgent matter.

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Join the IAHR listserv

The Roundtable is a moderated listserv.  The current moderators of the list are Kenneth Robinson, Vice President for Housing Operations at Housing Works, Inc. and Lauren Nussbaum, Program Associate for the National AIDS Housing Coalition. To join the listserv, click here and follow the instructions.

The International Declaration on Poverty, Housing Instability and HIV/AIDS

In conjunction with the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City in August 2008, IAHR formed an international committee to convene a two- hour conference satellite event on housing and HIV/AIDs around the globe. Summit participants developed and presented a Housing Declaration demanding adequate housing as a fundamental human right and an essential element of effective HIV prevention and health care, to International AIDS Society official Ron MacInnis. IAHR and the Housing Declaration are valuable educational and organizing vehicles for PLWHA and their allies to build the international, national and local political will to support the development of culturally appropriate housing resources as a key element of HIV prevention and care strategies. To read and to endorse the International Declaration on Poverty, Housing Instability, Homelessness and HIV/AIDS, click here

“Housing at AIDS 2010” Scholarship Program

Following IAHR’s success in making housing a visible issue at the Mexico City conference, the Ford Foundation has generously offered to support NAHC in convening an HIV/AIDS housing delegation at the 2010 AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria in July 2010. The “Housing at AIDS 2010 Scholarship Program has awarded competitive scholarships to 10 people working on and/or impacted by housing instability and HIV/AIDS to join the HIV/AIDs housing delegation. The 2010 Scholarship Recipients are:

  • Juan Luis Barrantes, Community Siloe, Costa Rica
  • Dorice Bwoga, Shelter Forum, Kenya
  • Nicasio de Rosas, Philippine Support Service Agency, Inc., Philippines
  • Bernard Frederick, Caribbean Harm Reduction Coalition, Saint Lucia
  • Barry Freedman, Sydney Health Services, Australia
  • Eunice Kyomugisha, Shelter and Settlement Alternatives, Uganda
  • Mary Mathenge, National Cooperative Housing Union, Kenya
  • Peter Obi, Association of Positive Youth Living with HIV/AIDS, Nigeria
  • Joe Scarborough, Delaware HIV Consortium, USA
  • Edith Tristan, International Community of Women with HIV/AIDS, Panama