Housing is Healthcare

Home and Stethoscope

National AIDS Housing Coalition Housing as Health Care Project

The National AIDS Housing Coalition (NAHC) envisions an international community where housing is a human right and HIV disease ends. It is clear that housing improves health outcomes of those living with HIV disease and reduces the number of new HIV infections. The end of HIV/AIDS critically depends on an end to poverty, stigma, housing instability, and homelessness. Since its inception, NAHC’s mantra has been “Housing is a Human Right”.

The overall goal of the Housing is Health Care Medicaid Project is a “future state” of integrated health care delivery that includes federal support for state-level innovation to provide non-institutional housing as a health care intervention to improve health outcomes and lower public costs for medically underserved low-income homeless and unstably housed people living with chronic and/or disabling conditions.  See NAHC’s Position paper here.


NAHC encourages communities to fully implement the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Bulletin, “Coverage of Housing-Related Activities and Services for Individuals with  Disabilities”  Read the June 26, 2015 CMS Bulletin here.


NAHC supports the local implementation of the Housing as Healthcare plans as a step towards a national policy in this arena. See what local communites are doing here.