NHAHC envisions an international community where housing is a human right and HIV disease ends. It is clear that housing improves health outcomes and reduces the number of new infections of those living with HIV/AIDS. The end of the HIV/AIDS epidemic critically depends on an end to poverty, stigma, housing instability, and homelessness. Here at NHAHC we work towards ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic by ensuring that persons living with HIV/AIDS have quality, affordable, and appropriate housing.


Mission Statement

NHAHC advocates for housing, policies, and resources to advance the health of people living with HIV.

Vision Statement

NHAHC envisions a world where all people living with HIV are housed and healthy. 


Our overarching goal is to ensure all priority prevention populations at risk of and living with HIV have a safe and affordable home, and that those receiving housing support have full access to comprehensive health care. 

steps to achieve our goal


End literal homelessness for all people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Create statute to ensure full access to housing for PLWHA.
  • Ensure that upon a person testing positive for HIV, a housing assessment will be completed and all persons in need will be connected to housing services within 3 days.


Strategically use a combination of federal and local funding to meet the housing needs of PLWHA.

  • Ryan White programs should plan for and use Ryan White funds for emergency and temporary housing service (up to 24 months)
  • Use HOPWA funds for the full continuum of housing needs: emergency housing, temporary housing, permanent supportive housing.
  • Create a waiver for PLWHA to be a priority population in order to access housing choice vouchers (formerly Section 8).
  • All people living with HIV/AIDS have access to a rental subsidy if they are income eligible (at up to 200%. FMR and pay no more than 30% of their income).


Remove statutory barriers to housing assistance for people living with HIV.

  • End federal and state restrictions on access to public or subsidized housing which is based on past behavior or experience (including incarceration) for PLWHA.
  • Prohibit discharge from any subsidized housing solely for substance use.
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Prioritize HIV Prevention Among Priority Populations Experiencing Homelessness. ​

  • Increase HIV testing, and provide incentives, among homeless communities, including but not limited to those in shelters and encampments.
  • Provide PrEP to all priority populations experiencing homelessness.
  • Link all homeless HIV priority populations to supportive housing services like homeless assistance grants and housing choice vouchers.


Ensure PLWHA who are aging have support or housing that is stigma for the needs of PLWHA.

  • Combine federal resources to build assisted-living programs or PLWHA.
  • Train Professional staff in assisted-living facilities and hospitals for the needs of PLWHA who are aging.
  • Promote Medicaid and Medicare funding to provide housing for PLWHA who are aging.

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