Call Your Senators Now & Tell them to Vote YES to the Build Back Better Act!

December 10, 2021 The Senate could vote on the “Build Back Better Act” as soon as the week of December 20th. Your advocacy is needed to call and email your senators TODAY and next week and implore them to vote for the Build Back Better Act and its historical investments in rental assistance, public housing, and the Housing Trust Fund! 

Email and call your Senators and Urge them to Support the Build Back Better Act!

This bill includes more than $150 billion in affordable housing investments which includes;

  • $65 billion for public housing repairs
  • $25 billion for rental assistance, see how many vouchers your state will receive here
  • $15 billion for the Housing Trust Fund
  • $10 billion for down payment assistance
  • $5 billion to address lead hazards and healthy housing
  • $2 billion for green preservation of HUD multifamily housing
  • $2 billion for rural housing
  • $1.6 billion to address HUD homes health and safety concerns
  • $1 billion for tribal housing

Email and call your Senators and Urge them to Support the Build Back Better Act!


The Build Back Better Act, was voted and approved by the House of Representatives on November 19th, and must now be approved by the Senate. Leaders are looking to pass the bill into law before Congress adjourns at the end of the year via ‘budget reconciliation’ which allows them to enact legislation with a majority vote in the Senate, typically needing 60 votes to pass.  This process will not work unless we have the support of all Democratic leaders and there is still strong disagreements over the size and scope of the package. These disagreements will lead to changes in the bill before it goes to the Senate floor, and the House will have to vote again before heading over to President Biden’s desk for signing, which means nearly all House Democrats will need to vote yes to pass. Congress needs to hear from you NOW about why making investments in affordable housing are crucial to your community and to pass the Build Back Better Act! 

Email and call your Senators and Urge them to Support the Build Back Better Act!

National AIDS Housing Coalition and the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s HoUSed Campaign urges you to call and email your members of Congress NOW and urge them to vote YES to the Build Back Better Act. 

  • For additional talking points and resources, see NLIHC’s Build Back Better Toolkit.
  • To call your members of Congress: Dial 202-224-3121, and the operator will connect you with the senators’ offices from your state.


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