$1 Billion in Grants Available Through SuperNOFA

May 14, 2008

Please see the below alert from the National Alliance to End Homelessness:
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published its fiscal year 2008 “SuperNOFA,” an annual funding notice that makes available more than $1 billion in grants through 35 programs. This year, the SuperNOFA does not include the Homeless Assistance Grants that fund the local Continuum of Care. HUD intends to offer an additional $1.5 billion in homeless grants later in the year through a new electronic application process that will significantly streamline funding of thousands of homeless assistance programs nationwide. For the past four years, HUD has required nearly all grant applications to be submitted electronically through www.grants.gov. This year, applicants for funding through HUD’s Continuum of Care homeless assistance programs will submit their applications electronically through the HUD e-snaps system (electronic-special needs assistance programs system). The electronic grant submission process is meant to increase funding opportunities for states, local governments, and nonprofit grassroots organizations that house and serve lower income families living in their communities. Last year, more than 4,600 applicants successfully submitted their applications electronically.

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